American EXXXtasy
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date August 30, 2012
Written by Ben Minnotte
Directed by Ben Minnotte
Opening Theme The Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh
Ending Theme Auto-Manipulator by Crispin Glover
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National Anthem Conspiracy Theory (TV Signs-Offs, Vol. 2) Conservative Folk Music

"American EXXXtasy" is the fifth episode of Oddity Archive.


Ben looks at old pornographic-related cable and satellite services, and tries to set out to right a major childhood wrong.


  • American EXXXtasy (Late 1980s)
  • The Spice Channel (1995)
  • Eros America Commercial (1983)
  • Many other adult services

Running GagsEdit

  • Company Name: Turn Your Crank To Frank Productions
  • Very End Clip: Ben saying "Suddenly and forever".
  • The Show That: "is that piece of bacon floating around in your baked beans."
  • Cardboard Box: Black and white man with a cigar
  • Join Us Next Time: "When we discuss the film Throw Momma from the Train." (gets slapped) "OW!!! It was just a joke!" (gets slapped again) "Ow!!! Oh...."

Special GuestsEdit


  • This episode was formerly only available on Blip, but since the Archive's suspension from the site, it is now on YouTube.
  • This the first episode with special guest stars.
  • This is the only episode of the Oddity Archive to have been age-restricted by YouTube, which means that those under the age of 18 will recieve a generic error message instead of the actual video. The episode is actually quite tame despite the topic of porno.
  • In the episode "Scary Logos (and Other Nostalgic Video Terrors)"[1], the supposed "scary logo movie" that Ben puts in the VCR is titled "American EXXstasy".


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