"Archive Thrifting #1: Impromptu Investigations" is the 146th and a half episode of Oddity Archive.


In an attempt at introducing a new subseries, Ben shares footage taken at three different thrift stores.

Items Purchased (all items are LPs)Edit

Arc 1Edit

  • Lesley Duncan - Sing Children Sing


  • Yes - Fragile (two copies)
  • Yes - 90125
  • The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Cosmic Force
  • Interurban Memories
  • Yes - The Yes Album
  • Led Zeppelin IV
  • Placido Domingo and John Denver - Perhaps Love (CBS Mastersound)
  • George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

Arc 2 (near Park Meadows Mall)Edit


Total purchases: 10 LPs for $15


  • This is one of the only three Archive Thrifting videos shot in Aurora, Colorado. (The next installment, "Arc of a (Dumpster) Diver," was shot the very next day.)
  • Ben's line at the end, "Figure I'd better do it at least once while I'm still here," was one of his earliest hints at moving.


Oddity Archive Episode 146

Oddity Archive Episode 146.5 – Archive Thrifting 1 Impromptu Investigations

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