Ask The Archive Live is the first livestream Ben did. The livestream occurred September 5, 2013, and the video of the livestream was posted the next day.


Ben asks viewers and fan of the Archive to ask him questions.

Running GagsEdit

This technically doesn't count as a regular episode, but it has some running gags found in the regular episodes.

  • Opening Theme: "Pavanned"
  • Closing Theme: "Pavanned"
  • Company Name: LJN Productions
  • The Show That: "Dares to host a livestream late on a school night" (From a comment)
  • Cardboard Box: Bert the Turtle
  • Join Us Next Time: None


Due to this being a livestream, it really doesn't count as an episode. But because Ben posted the video of the livestream with the theme song, it can count as an episode.


Ask The Archive (LIVE - 9 5 2013)

Ask The Archive (LIVE - 9 5 2013)

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