Ben Tries Finnish Candy
Season 3, Episode 23.5
Air date April 30, 2015
Written by Ben Minnotte
Directed by Ben Minnotte
Opening Theme Unknown
Ending Theme Unknown
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Ben Tries Finnish Candy is the 23.5th episode of Season 3, and the 75.5th episode overall of Oddity Archive.

Summary Edit

Ben Minnotte tries candy a Finnish viewer sent to him.

Running Gags Edit

  • Company Name: Desperate Productions

Trivia Edit

The candies Ben tries in this episode are:

  • Super Salmiakki
  • Kipparin Piippu
  • Geisha Filled Milk Chocolate (37g)
  • Karl Fazer Blue (Milk) and White Chocolate
  • Halva Lakumatto

One candy Ben did not try in the episode was Karl Fazer Blue (Milk) Chocolate.