"Discovision Dead Sides" is the 150th and a half episode of Oddity Archive.


Ben talks about MCA DiscoVision's infamous "dead sides," which were basically unused sides from other releases (some of which never came out at all) coated in lacquer and then bonded to the final sides of odd-numbered titles. He then uncovers one of the dead sides on camera and shows off a few others that had already been revealed.

Dead SidesEdit

  • Better Tennis in 30 Minutes: Jaws (Side 5)
  • Midway: Animal Crackers (Side 3)
  • Tom Sawyer: read error
  • The Touch of Love... Massage: Kids is Kids (Side 2)


  • This was the last half-episode of a regular Archive season shot in Aurora, Colorado.


Oddity Archive Episode 150

Oddity Archive Episode 150.5 - Discovision Dead Sides

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