"Discovision Dead Sides Vol. 2" is the 171st and a half episode of Oddity Archive.


In a follow-up to his previous dead side episode, Ben uncovers five more fully lacquered MCA DiscoVision dead sides.

Dead SidesEdit

  • Acrobats of God: Acrobats of God
  • Swimming: Freestyle and Backstroke: The Day of the Jackal (Side 3)
  • NFL Films Presents: Young, Old and Bold (Quarterbacks): Saturday Night Fever (Side 2)
  • Frankenstein: Duel (Side 4; Ben comments on the movie, calling it "too implausible to be taken seriously, not implausible enough to be fun")
  • Slap Shot: read error (though we later see a photo of an outer etching on the disc, likely denoting a General Motors title)


  • Although the exact name of the movie located on the Swimming dead side was listed as "Unknown movie," it was later pointed out in a YouTube comment that a side of The Day of the Jackal was indeed on the dead side.


Oddity Archive Episode 171.5 – Discovision Dead Sides Vol

Oddity Archive Episode 171.5 – Discovision Dead Sides Vol. 2

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