The EAS Bot
Vital statistics
Position The voice of EAS alerts
Year None
Status Alive (was last heard in the 2013 Halloween special)
Gender Male
Age N/A
Character Roots
Character From None really; voiced by Microsoft Sam and Speakonia Male 2
Episodes Emergency Broadcast Salute, Christmas Special (A Fair Use Christmas), The EAS Zombie Hoax of 2013, etc.
National Info
State/Country Releases alerts all over the US
Nationality Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Siblings None
Parents Emergency Broadcast System
Relatives Unknown

The EAS Bot is the "voice" of the Emergency Alert System. He sends out alerts at horrible times, like the real EAS.


Ever since Ben made fun of him, the EAS bot decided to get revenge on him by torturing him in the Christmas episode. After Ben "destroys" him with the Magic Clown, the EAS bot presumably runs away. In "The EAS Zombie Hoax of 2013", the EAS bot returns, by interrupting Ben in the middle of his review, and annoys him by singing that he wants Ben to "love him", in the tune of the Barney the Dinosaur Theme. At the end of the episode, the EAS bot says he will get revenge someday. In the 2013 Halloween special, the EAS bot misses his chance to get Ben.


Ben Minnotte Ed the Editor
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