"Elvis Has(n't) Left The Building (Elvisploitation)" is the 129th episode of Oddity Archive.


With the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley on the horizon, Ben tackles numerous conspiracies and knockoffs related to the King. Covered are:

  • Is Elvis Alive? by Gail Brewer-Giorgio (and its subsequent VHS version, The Elvis Files)
  • The career of Jimmy "Orion" Ellis
  • Knockoff recordings
  • Three Elvis-related song poems by Ace Mona and the Third Generation

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "Jailhouse Rock" by Eilert Pilarm
  • Closing Theme: "Farewell Elvis" by Ace Mona & the Third Generation
  • Company Name: Suspicious Finds Productions
  • Very End Clip: An additional clip from The Elvis Files featuring a recording of an alleged 1988 call from Elvis.
  • The Show That: "Isn't afraid to unleash a hunka-hunka burnin' nostalgia on your ass!"
  • Cardboard Box: An Elvis impersonator
  • Join Us Next Time: N/A
  • Hosted By: Silve Aron Minnotte (Jr.)
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