LaserKaraoke Vol. 2 (Aqua Net Edition) is the fifth episode of the Oddity Archive's third season, and the fifty-seventh episode overall.

Summary Edit

Ben gives a history lesson on LaserKaraoke, and then discusses the following karaoke discs (in order):

  • Beauties Around the World: Volume 1(first Filipino karaoke LaserDisc reviewed)
  • Hits Parade 1 (criticized for its cover, resembling a '60s Hawaiian music album)
  • Top Hits English Songs (volumes 21, 24, 27, 31 and 35)
  • Everlasting Love Song (sic) (volume 5 reviewed, other unknown volume not reviewed by Ben, because of "bland unremarkable versions of songs to bland unremarkable footage)
  • Karaoke (2 volumes; Ben praises the second volume for having good green-screen work)

Ben exhibits many LaserKaraoke clips from the aforementioned volumes, splitting them into segments that share a common quirk, in the following order:

  • Repeat offenders from the first LaserKaraoke episode
  • Vocals with accents
  • Same as #2, but with singers attempting to emulate the original artists (vocally)
  • Wrong lyrics
  • Bad backing tracks
  • Lyrics that literally depict what's going on on-screen
  • "They clearly did not see that one"
  • Hard rock/heavy metal songs (mostly ballads)
  • "Off-the-wall" moments

Running Gags Edit

  • Opening Theme: "Have You Seen Her" originally performed by the Chi-Lites (based on MC Hammer's version)
  • Closing Theme: "Three Blind Mice" (children's song)
  • The Nostalgia Show That: "Comprives itself on its comparative lack thereof."
  • Very End Clip: Slowed-down footage of the "Three Blind Mice" clip
  • Production Company: Sort of Saw Some Glitter Productions
  • Cardboad Box: Unknown (likely) Taiwanese LaserDisc cover
  • Join Us Next Time: None
  • Written and Hosted by: Ben Minnotte (who lives among the creatures of the night)

Video Edit

Oddity Archive- Episode 57 - LaserKaraoke Vol

Oddity Archive- Episode 57 - LaserKaraoke Vol. 2 (Aqua Net Edition)

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