Max Headroom
220px-Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion
Vital statistics
Position Oddity
Year 1987
Status In hiding
Gender Male
Age Over 40
Character Roots
Character From Hijacked WTTW, New Coke Commercial, Max Headroom
Episodes About 4
National Info
State/Country Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Probably American
Siblings Max's brother
Parents Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Max Headroom was a character from the 80's sci-fi series of the same name; the character gained popularity around the mid-80's. In 1987, a signal hijacker used a Max Headroom mask, along with voice distortion, to hide his identity when he overrode the signals for both WGN-TV and WTTW within the same day.


Not much is known about the "Max Headroom" hijacker; as he was never caught. However, tons of speculation and stories from people claiming to know the man responsible may have provided details about who was actually behind the mask.


  • The hijacker was never found.

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