Oddity Archive: Duck & Cover (and a Few Archive Riffs) is the first home media release of the Oddity Archive, released in April 2014 on the official Oddity Archive website. It is available for purchase on NTSC VHS, region-free DVD, and even Betamax, and is highly collectible.


The VHS and Betamax open with this tracking control warning, then a silent version of the warning from "Scary Logos (and Other Nostalgic Video Terrors)", before the start of the program. It is currently unknown what the DVD opens with--most likely the menu and then what was described.


The main attraction of the release is the "Duck and Cover" episode, along with the Archive Riffs episodes "Greedy Humpty Dumpty", "Say No to Strangers" and "Cigarette Commercials".

Ed's Thoughts on the MatterEdit

The VHS release has a special note from Ed the Editor on the back of the VHS case. It reads "So, this is the Archive's official VHS release. Given the show's usual faux-Luddite stance, this seems appropriate enough, doesn't it? Anyway, Ben asked me to write a little note for the box/case thing, apparently because he's too damn busy to do it himself. It's no secret that Ben's a total wuss, and as such, only has the nuts to include the sole, totally Public Domain episode of Archive to date--the ever-unpopular "Duck & Cover". And that was gonna be it! I was able to talk him into throwing in a few Archive Riffs episodes, though. Can you believe he was going to pout out a 17-minute home video? The man has a screw loose. Anyway, both of us here at the Archive hope you like this little offering."