"Record Ripoffs Vol. 5 (Pickwick: Picked Over)" is the eighty-fifth episode of the Oddity Archive.


In this installment of "Record Ripoffs", Ben talks about Pickwick International, mainly their soundalike albums.

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "I Write the Songs" by The Young Lovers
  • Closing Theme: "Macho Man" by Mirror Image
  • The Show That: None (Ben instead says "Or at least an incredible simulation thereof.")
  • Very End Clip: The Official Oddity Archive Pickwick Megamix
  • Company Name: Wednesday Night Malaise Productions
  • Cardboard Box: A shot from Discopedia Vol. 1.
  • Join Us Next Time: "After Archive HQ gets fumigated, and they let me out of quarantine. It could be a while."
  • Written and Hosted By: Sgt. Hassenpfeffer


Oddity Archive Episode 85 – Record Ripoffs Vol

Oddity Archive Episode 85 – Record Ripoffs Vol. 5 (Pickwick Picked Over)

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