Sebastian Villegas

Movie Brat

Vital statistics
Position Archive fan
Year Adult
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Age N/A
Character Roots
Character From Oddity Archive
Episodes American EXXXtasy, Ask The Archive
National Info
State/Country United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Siblings N/A
Parents N/A
Relatives N/A

Sebastian Villegas, known on the internet as Movie Brat, is an Oddity Archive fan.


Villegas's true occupation currently unknown. However, it can be hinted that he is likely a movie reviewer, as evident from his name.

Oddity ArchiveEdit

Villegas was first mentioned in the Oddity Archive episode "American EXXXtasy", as the satellite company man on the phone. He was also mentioned in "Ask The Archive" and asked a few questions too. He also suggested the kiddie show host idea for "Local TV Vol 2. (Kiddie Show Hosts)".

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