(Son of) Svengoolie
Vital statistics
Position Host of Son of Svengoolie
Year 1979
Status Still on television
Gender Male
Age 61
Character Roots
Character From Son of Svengoolie
Episodes Three episodes
National Info
State/Country Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nationality American (sorta)
Ethnicity Romanian
Siblings None
Parents The original Svengoolie
Relatives None

Svengoolie (the original Svengoolie's son) is the host of the television show Son of Svengoolie and Me-TV's Svengoolie.


The Son of Svengoolie was the replacement of the original Svengoolie. He was played by Rich Koz, a fan of the show, and then became one of the writers of the show. On December 31, 1994, he took over the role of Svengoolie, because Jerry G. Bishop (the original Svengoolie) said Koz was "old enough now to no longer be just the Son". In 2011, Me-TV picked up Svengoolie.

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