Top Thanksgiving Turkeys of the 1990s
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date November 22, 2012
Written by Ben Minnotte
Directed by Ben Minnotte
Opening Theme Unknown
Ending Theme Unknown
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Pay TV (But Not Cable or Satellite) Local TV Vol. 2 (Kiddie Show Hosts)

"Top (Thanksgiving) Turkeys of the (19)90s" is the twelfth episode of Oddity Archive.


Ben unleashes the Archive's first ever countdown, with two countdown lists.

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "Human Breakdown of Absurdity" - Norm Burns & Singers
  • Closing Theme: "Flutey" - By Microsoft
  • Company Name: Trendy Turkey Productions
  • Very End Clip: Sound of a "tape-recorder" turkey, with the screaming lady soundbite.
  • The Show That: "Saves your giblets and makes a lovely gravy out of them."
  • Cardboard Box: Julia Child
  • Join Us Next Time: "When I actually acquire a CD-i machine and attempt to mutilate Todd Rundgren 's CD-i album "No World Order " into listenability".


Oddity Archive Episode 12 - Top (Thanksgiving) Turkeys (The (19)90's)

Oddity Archive Episode 12 - Top (Thanksgiving) Turkeys (The (19)90's)


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