Valentine's Day Special (Dating Services)
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date February 19, 2013
Written by Ben Minnotte
Directed by Ben Minnotte
Opening Theme Unknown
Ending Theme Unknown
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Emergency Broadcast Salute Commentary Episode Local TV Vol. 3 (Public Access)

"Valentine's Day Special (Dating Services)" is the nineteenth episode of Oddity Archive.


Ben discusses dating services from the 1970s to the present, and makes his own dating video.


  • Video Mate (1980s)
  • Flirting: How to Do It Right (1989)

Running GagsEdit

  • Opening Theme: "Lost In Your Eyes" by Ben Minnotte
  • Closing Theme: "Local Girls" by Graham Parker
  • Company Name: Easy Overhead Storage Productions
  • Very End Clip: Guy reading an imaginary newspaper (From "Flirting: How To Do It Right")
  • The Show That: "Answers that ever-burning question as..." (Plays "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?")
  • Cardboard Box: Cupid (played by Doug Ptolemy)
  • Join Us Next Time:  "As I file mountains of restraining orders against the hundreds of wild women beating a path to my door."



Oddity Archive Episode 19 - Valentine's Day Special (Dating Services)

Oddity Archive Episode 19 - Valentine's Day Special (Dating Services)


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